Welcome to PADRES Project

PADRES (Publish/Subscribe Applied to Distributed Resource Scheduling) is an enterprise-grade event management infrastructure that is designed for large-scale event management applications. Ongoing research seeks to add and improve enterprise-grade qualities of the middleware.

The PADRES system is a distributed content-based publish/subscribe middleware with features built with enterprise applications in mind. These features include

  • Intelligent and scalable rule-based routing protocol and matching algorithm
  • Powerful correlation of future and historic event
  • Failure detection, recovery and dynamic load balancing
  • system administration and monitoring

As well, the PADRES project studies application concerns above the infrastructure layer, such as

  • Distributed transformation, deployment and execution
  • Distributed monitoring and control
  • Goal-oriented resource discovery and scheduling
  • Secure, decentralized choreography and orchestration

A publish/subscribe middleware provides many benefits to enterprise applications. Content-based interaction simplifies the IT development and maintenance by decoupling enterprise components. As well, the expressive PADRES subscription language supports sophisticated interactions among components, and allows fine-grained queries and event management functions. Furthermore, scalability is achieved with in-network filtering and processing capabilities.

The technical architecture and features supported by the PADRES system are described in more detail in the architecture overview section.

The PADRES research project is conducted by the Middleware Systems Research Group (MSRG) at the University of Toronto and is a collaboration involving various industry partners and Canadian funding agencies.