MSRG Publication:: Adaptive Parallel Compressed Event Matching

Adaptive Parallel Compressed Event Matching

Mohammad Sadoghi and Hans-Arno Jacobsen.

In 30th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering, 2014.


The efficient processing of large collections of patterns expressed as Boolean expressions over event streams plays a central role in major data intensive applications ranging from user-centric processing and personalization to real-time data analysis. On the one hand, emerging user-centric applications, including computational advertising and selective information dissemination, demand determining and presenting to an enduser the relevant content as it is published. On the other hand, applications in real-time data analysis, including push-based multi-query optimization, computational finance and intrusion detection, demand meeting stringent subsecond processing requirements and providing high-frequency event processing. We achieve these event processing requirements by exploiting the shift towards multi-core architectures by proposing novel adaptive parallel compressed event matching algorithm (A-PCM) and online event stream re-ordering technique (OSR) that unleash an unprecedented degree of parallelism amenable for highly parallel event processing. In our comprehensive evaluation, we demonstrate the efficiency of our proposed techniques. We show that the adaptive parallel compressed event matching algorithm can sustain an event rate of up to 233,863 events/second while state-of-the-art sequential event matching algorithms sustains only 36 events/second when processing up to five million Boolean expressions.


Tags: content-based matching, publish/subscribe, event processing

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