MSRG Publication:: Green Middleware

Green Middleware

Hans-Arno Jacobsen and Vinod Muthusamy.

In Green IT: Technologies and Applications, pages 341-361, Springer Verlag, July 2011.


Smart electricity grids promise the ability to use real-time knowledge of electricity providers and consumers to manage aggregate energy demand, supply, and storage. To carry out any kind of coordinated action, however, a smart grid requires an incredibly sophisticated information systems infrastructure, or green middleware, to monitor, manage, and control the huge number of energy generation, storage, transmission, and consumption devices present in the system. This chapter highlights some of the required properties of a green middleware, articulates a number of research challenges that need to be solved, and describes how a distributed publish/subscribe system addresses some of these challenges. It also calls for the creation of a Green Middleware Consortium to agree on the architecture and standardize the core protocols and interfaces of a green middleware


Tags: content-based publish/subscribe, content-based routing, green it, historic data access, padres, pub/sub applications, publish/subscribe

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