Middleware Systems Research Group, University of Toronto, Canada

Project History

  • The Middleware Systems Research Group (MSRG) has been conducting research on publish/subscribe and messagging middleware for many years. This research effort has become known as the Toronto Publish/Subscribe System family of projects (also known as ToPSS).
  • In 2002, MSRG was approached by Cybermation, Inc to investigate the use of content-based publish/subscribe for building a distributed job scheduling and workload management infrastructure to form the basis of Cybermation's future product line targeting distributed, cross-enterprise job scheduling, workload management, and resource monitoring.
  • From 2003 to 2005, supported by Cybermation, Inc, NSERC, and CITO, the Middleware Systems Research Group built the first PADRES prototype, experimenting with a rule-based matching engine design, composite subscription routing and composite event detection, and historic query access.
  • From 2006 to 2007, supported by Cybermation, Inc (acquired in April 2006 by Computer Associates, Inc), Sun Microsystems of Canada. and OCE/CITO, the Middleware Systems Research Group is hardening the PADRES prototype and extends PADRES with enterprise-grade features, such as load balancing, failure resiliance, and security.