Service Subscription and Consumption for Personal Web Applications

Chunyang Ye, Young Yoon, and Hans-Arno Jacobsen.

In The Personal Web, LNCS 7855, pages 49-64, Springer, 2013.


Web services have played a vital role in our daily life for some time now. A wide spectrum of online applications have been developed in diverse domains such as banking, shopping, gaming, and video streaming. However, the end-user does often not have the means to tune the applications to her personal needs and interests, especially not across services from different providers. Moreover, the end-user can not take full advantage of the myriad of useful resources and services available on the Web, as inter-operation among different services is often not given. Hence, the new Web application paradigm called Personal Web has emerged. The key idea behind the Personal Web is to have Web services exploit Web data that is collected and organized automatically according to the end-users’ context and preferences. This paper introduces a new concept that enables Personal Web applications, namely, service subscription and consumption. This new concept is driven by events exposed from Semantic Web resources and Web services through PADRES, a distributed content-based publish/subscribe messaging substrate, and POLARIS an approach for event exposure at service interfaces. We explain service subscription and consumption based on a comprehensive scenario and design a framework and architecture that realizes the approach.


Tags: service subscription, personal web, event exposure, service composition, pub/sub, middleware

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