A Distributed Framework for Reliable and Efficient Service Choreographies

Young Yoon, Chunyang Ye, and Hans-Arno Jacobsen.

In The 20th International World Wide Web Conference, pages 785-794, March 2011.
Acceptance rate: 12%. Number of submissions: 658.


In SOA, independently developed web services can be dynamically composed. However, the composition is prone to producing semantically conflicting interactions among the services. For example, increasing production is inconsistent with a sales promotion given the business goal of clearing out the inventory. Resolving this issue is challenging especially when services are loosely coupled and their interactions are not carefully governed. To address this problem, we propose a novel distributed service choreography framework. Specifically, by modeling disallowable conflicting behavior as safety constraints, distributed choreography agents along with optimally placed coordinators on a federated publish/subscribe platform enforce reliable and efficient service interactions. Experimental results show negligible overhead in preventing the semantic conflicts, and significant performance advantage over a centralized approach in terms of runtime latency.


Tags: service choreography, semantic conflict

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