View Maintenance in Web Data Platforms

Hans-Arno Jacobsen, Patrick Lee, and Ramana Yerneni.

CSRG-599, University of Toronto, September 2009.
Pages 1-12.


Modern Web Data Platforms (WDPs) handle large amount of data and activity through massively distributed infrastructures. To achieve performance and availability at Internet scale, WDPs restrict querying capability, and provide weaker consistency guarantees than traditional ACID transactions.

The sheer volume of parallel processing without ACID transaction guarantees, and the large number of independent components in WDPs pose special challenges for view maintenance with respect to concurrent update propagation and correct execution of non-idempotent view updates in the presence of failures.

In this paper, we introduce a novel consistency framework for deferred view maintenance that embodies the weaker consistency primitives prevalent in modern WDPs. Based on this model, we identify techniques to achieve consistent view maintenance for different classes of views. Our analysis covers aggregate, key-foreign-key join, and select-project views.


Tags: view maintainace, consistency model, web data platform, materialized views

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