Demo Abstract: MOS: A Bandwidth-Efficient Cross-Platform Middleware for Publish/Subscribe

Christoph Doblander, Simon Zimmermann, Kaiwen Zhang, and Hans-Arno Jacobsen.

In Middleware Demos, 2016.


Shared dictionary compression is known as an efficient com- pression method for pub/sub. In practice, bandwidth reduc- tions of more than 80% are achievable for JSON or XML data formats. Compared to other compression techniques such as GZip or Deflate, a dictionary is needed to com- press and decompress messages. Generating a dictionary is a CPU-expensive task and sharing it introduces band- width overheads. Furthermore, the dictionary is continu- ously maintained to keep the compression performance high. We developed MOS: a cross-platform middleware for manag- ing shared dictionary compression tasks. This includes dic- tionary propagation, compression/decompression, and peri- odic maintenance. We provide a developer API to interact with the MQTT-based pub/sub infrastructure. Our demo shows an example application built on top of MOS which shows the performance of the shared dictionary compression scheme.


Tags: compression, publish/subscribe, mobile, ios, android

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