Analysis and Optimization for Boolean Expression Indexing

Mohammad Sadoghi and Hans-Arno Jacobsen.

ACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS), 38(2), June 2013.


BE-Tree is a novel dynamic data structure designed to efficiently index Boolean expressions over a high-dimensional discrete space. BE-Tree copes with both high-dimensionality and expressiveness of Boolean expressions by introducing an effective two-phase space-cutting technique that specifically utilizes the discrete and finite domain properties of the space. Furthermore, BE-Tree employs self-adjustment policies to dynamically adapt the tree as the workload changes. Moreover, in BE-Tree, we develop two novel cache-conscious predicate evaluation techniques, namely, lazy and bitmap evaluations, that also exploit the underlying discrete and finite space to substantially reduce BE-Tree’s matching time by up to 75%.

BE-Tree is a general index structure for matching Boolean expression which has a wide range of applications including (complex) event processing, publish/subscribe matching, emerging applications in co-spaces, profile matching for targeted web advertising, and approximate string matching. Finally, the superiority of BE-Tree is proven through a comprehensive evaluation with state-of-the-art index structures designed for matching Boolean expressions


Tags: algorithms, event processing, publish/subscribe, content-based matching

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