Not Just Your Average Publish/Subscribe: Evolving To Support A New Generation Of Applications

Hans-Arno Jacobsen.

December 2013.
Keynote at ACM Middleware.


The publish/subscribe paradigm has been integral in supporting a variety of distributed applications. Its simple yet powerful decoupling and filtering capabilities shine in scenarios that require selective data dissemination among many data sources and many data sinks. However, there are an emerging class of applications that strain traditional publish/subscribe systems. For example, social networks and traffic management scenarios manage volumes of data that necessitate aggregating or selecting only the most relevant events. Similarly, complex business process logic demand increasingly expressive matching semantics. While these requirements can be implemented at the system edge, we claim that they are better addressed as capabilities offered by the publish/subscribe system.

In this talk, we present a number of novel techniques and extensions to the publish/subscribe paradigm, inspired by emerging use cases. This includes extensions to coordinate the execution of distributed business processes, techniques to aggregate across publication streams in support of traffic management, and extensions to compute the top-k matching subscriptions prevalent for tuning in on the relevant information in social networking. Finally, we hint at how core publish/subscribe operations could be accelerated through emerging hardware opportunities to support their efficient implementation.


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