Safe Distribution and Parallel Execution of Data-centric Workflows over the Publish/Subscribe Paradigm

Mohammad Sadoghi, Martin Jergler, Hans-Arno Jacobsen, Roman Vaculin, and Richard Hull.

University of Toronto, 2013.


In this work, we develop an approach for safe distribution and parallel execution of data-centric workflows over the publish/subscribe abstraction. In essence, we present a novel re-formulation of data-centric workflows that is designed to utilize the loosely coupled and distributed nature of publish/subscribe systems. Furthermore, we argue for the practicality and expressiveness of our approach by mapping an industry-based data-centric workflow, namely, IBM Business Artifacts with Guard-Stage-Milestone (GSM), into the publish/subscribe abstraction. In short, the contributions of this work are three-fold: (1) mapping of data-centric workflow into publish/subscribe to achieve distributed and parallel execution; (2) detailed theoretical analysis of our mapping; and (3) formalizing the complexity of optimal workflow distribution over the publish/subscribe abstraction.


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Tags: pub/sub applications, business process, bpm, predictive publish/subscribe

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