Flexible Distributed Business Process Management

Vinod Muthusamy.

University of Toronto, 2011.


Many large business processes are inherently distributed, spanning multiple organizations, administrative domains, and geographic locations. To support such applications, this thesis develops a flexible and distributed platform to develop, execute, and monitor business processes. The solutions utilize a distributed content-based publish/subscribe overlay that is extended with support for mobile clients and client interest churn. Over this layer, a distributed execution engine uses events to coordinate the execution of the process, and dynamically redeploys activities in the process in order to minimize a user-specified cost function and preserve service level agreements (SLAs). Finally, a management layer allows users to find and automatically compose services available across a distributed set of service registries, and monitor processes for SLA violations. Evaluations show that the distributed execution engine can scale better than alternate architectures, exhibiting over 60% improvements in execution time in one experiment. As well the system can dynamically redeploy processes to reflect changing workload conditions and SLAs, saving up to 90% of the process messaging overhead of a static deployment.


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