Demo: Evolving Pub/Sub Subscriptions for Multiplayer Online Games

CÚsar Ca˝as, Kaiwen Zhang, Bettina Kemme, J÷rg Kienzle, and Hans-Arno Jacobsen.

In DEBS Demos, 2016.
Best Demo Award.


We demonstrate our designs by leveraging Padres as the network engine for Mammoth, an online multiplayer game research framework. We previously designed three different network engines using the features provided by Padres for Mammoth. For the purpose of this demo, we employed the Area-based engine design found in the previous work modified to leverage evolving subscriptions. Whenever a player moves to a target destination, the client translates the movement as an evolving subscription which transitions between the current (start) position to the destination (end) position at the provided speed. This differs from the original design, where subscriptions are continuous removed and added from the system to reflect the updated position of the player.


Tags: publish/subscribe, content-based publish/subscribe, online games

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