Denial of Service in Content-based Publish/Subscribe Systems

Alex Wun.

University of Toronto, 2007.


Denial of Service (DoS) attacks continue to plague traditional Internet services despite ongoing defensive e orts and should be expected to a ect novel Internet services and infrastructures as well. This thesis represents one of the rst e orts to provide a detailed study of DoS issues in Content-based Publish/Subscribe (CPS) systems, which can provide the expressive and loosely-coupled messaging services needed by many applications. In this thesis, we highlight several fundamental DoS issues through a number of experiments performed using a general-purpose middleware implementation and also structure the DoS research space with a taxonomy of DoS attack characteristics. Based on the results of this work, we pursue potential solutions for DoS resilience and DoS prevention in detail. First, we develop a model for content-based matching optimizations based on subscription commonalities. And second, we develop a policy framework that allows applications to specify both expressive security and CPS semantic policies.


Tags: algorithms, content-based routing, content-based publish/subscribe, event processing, padres, publish/subscribe

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