MMM - Middleware for Method Management on the WWW

G. Riessen, Hans-Arno Jacobsen, and O. Gunther.

In Web Engineering Workshop (WWW), pages 1-5, Toronto, Canada, May 1999.


The MMM platform constitutes an infrastructure for managing the deployment and use of distributed application services on the WWW. MMM propagates a paradigm that enables the leasing of software components, as opposed to the classical software licensing model. Applications reside on the software provider's platforms, but are managed through the MMM infrastructure. Users interact with the application services through the standard Internet browser, not requiring any additional software. The MMM user interface offers the user a virtual file space, application service composition functions, execution support, and visualization features. The MMM platform integrates complementing web technologies and database technology, such as HTML, XML, MetaHTML, and ODBC in its implementation. In this paper we give an overview of the MMM architecture and discuss its primary features.


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