The PADRES Distributed Publish/Subscribe System

Eli Fidler, Hans-Arno Jacobsen, Guoli Li, and Serge Mankovskii.

International Conference on Feature Interactions in Telecommunications and Software Systems (ICFI'05), July 2005.
Pages 12-30, Leicester, UK.


Workflow management systems are traditionally centralized, creating a single point of failure and a scalability bottleneck. In collaboration with Cybermation, Inc., we have developed a content-based publish/subscribe platform, called PADRES, which is a distributed middleware platform with features inspired by the requirements of workflow management and business process execution. These features constitute original additions to publish/subscribe systems and include an expressive subscription language, composite subscription processing, a rule-based matching and routing mechanism, historc, query-based data access, and the support for the decentralized execution of business process specied in XML. PADRES constitutes the basis for the next generation of enterprise management systems developed by Cybermation, Inc., including business process automation, monitoring, and execution applications.


Tags: content-based publish/subscribe, event processing, padres, publish/subscribe

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