Middleware Requirements for Remote Monitoring and Control

F. Olken, Hans-Arno Jacobsen, and C. McParland.

In OMG-DARPA-MCCWorkshop on Compositional Software Architectures 98, pages 1-6, 1998.


We discuss middleware requirements for remote monitoring and control applications. These requirements reflect our experiences with the RBMO Project (remote building monitoring and operations) of commercial buildings HVAC systems (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) and our participation in standards efforts related to control of large electric utility grids. Similar requirements exist for process control, and communications network monitoring and control applications.

The RBMO project is developing software systems to support remote monitoring and control of multiple buildings with heterogeneous legacy Energy Management Control Systems. across the Internet, using CORBA protocols. More details on the RBMO project can be found in Olken (Olken et al. 96) or on the RBMO web page. We have also recently become involved in some electric utility standards work, e.g., EPRI's UCA (Utility Communication Architecture and the newly formed OMG SIG on utility applications. The requirements described below reflect our experiences with these two application areas. We discuss only requirements which we deem (1) not largely and sufficiently supported by existing midddleware platforms and (2) mainly incurred by the remote monitoring and operation character of our system.



Tags: green it

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