Adaptive Content-based Routing in General Overlay Topologies

Guoli Li, Vinod Muthusamy, and Hans-Arno Jacobsen.

In ACM Middleware, pages 1-21, December 2008.
Acceptance rate: 18%. Number of submissions: 117.


This paper develops content-based publish/subscribe algorithms to support general overlay topologies, as opposed to traditional acyclic or tree-based topologies. Among other benefits, publication routes can adapt to dynamic conditions by choosing among alternate routing paths, and composite events can be detected at optimal points in the network. The algorithms are implemented in the Padres publish/subscribe system and evaluated in a controlled local environment and a wide-area PlanetLab deployment. Atomic subscription notification delivery time improves by 20% in a well connected network, and composite subscriptions can be processed with 80% less network traffic and notifications delivered with about half the end to end delay.


Tags: content-based publish/subscribe, overlay design, padres, publish/subscribe, canoews2010

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