Reflective to the Core: Managing Process-oriented Systems with Events & Publish/Subscribe

Hans-Arno Jacobsen.

December 2012.
Keynote at ARM Worskhop, ACM Middleware.


In today's cloud-based enterprise systems, many business processes rely on service-level agreements (SLAs) to manage interactions with partners and suppliers. SLAs determine revenue, cost and customer satisfaction, but implementing and monitoring SLAs is often a manual and error-prone effort. Companies struggle with how to express, track, verify, manage, and enforce SLAs. This is further exasperated by our rapidly increasing reliance on "everything connected" to track supply and demand across global supply chains.

This talk presents a powerful enterprise process management architecture that manages SLAs across the entire supply chain and enterprise system life-cycle. Our approach leverages events available at every layer of the enterprise software systems stack to efficiently manage business process and interactions. Questions such as the following are addressed:

Where is the value in real-time process monitoring and how does it work? Which technologies and design patterns are most effective for monitoring SLAs in real-time? What run-time adaptation and performance optimizations are practical to implement in business processes? What architecture can enable the above? This talk is based on findings resulting from our PADRES Events & Services Bus ( and eQoSystem ( research projects.


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