Securing Publish/Subcribe

Javier Munster.

University of Toronto, September 2018.


Increased public scrutiny has led to calls for greater security regarding user data. As a widely used many-to-many communication paradigm, publish/subscribe (pub/sub) has received a significant amount of attention from researchers regarding ways in which to secure user data. In this thesis, we present the current state-of-the-art of securing pub/sub systems. We categorize the existing research, presenting what is currently achievable and identify gaps and potential areas of research. One such gap is the assumption of an initial established security parameter, shared secret or key between communicating clients. We propose a novel scheme called HyShare that does not require an unilaterally trusted, universally available, out-of-band service for the dissemination of a secret.


Tags: publish/subscribe, confidentiality, secret sharing, sgx

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