Parallel Event Processing for Content-based Publish/Subscribe Systems

Amer Farroukh, Elias Ferzli, Naweed Tajuddin, and Hans-Arno Jacobsen.

In ACM Distributed Event-based Systems Conference (DEBS), pages 8:1--8:4, July 2009.


Event processing systems are a promising technology for enterprise-scale applications. However, achieving scalability yet maintaining high performance is a challenging problem. This work introduces a parallel matching engine which leverages current chip multi-processors to increase throughput and to reduce the matching time. We present three parallelization techniques, as well as lock-based and software transactional memory-based implementations of each technique, and discuss their impact. The results show a 74% reduction of the average matching time and an improved throughput of over 1600 events/second when using eight processors.


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