Server Provisioning in Content Delivery Clouds

Kianoosh Mokhtarian and Hans-Arno Jacobsen.

In IEEE Cloud'15 Conference, June 2015.
Acceptance rate: 17%. Best student paper award.


Cloud based video distribution platforms serve a significant fraction of the entire Internet traffic and are continuously expanding their infrastructure with the growing demand. We study the provisioning of the right server cluster to deploy at each location in such systems. We optimize the right server count, peering bandwidth, and server configuration as the disk size and the necessary SSD and/or RAM caches to sustain the intensive I/O load. Our analyses in this paper are based on actual server traces from a global content delivery platform and our optimization carefully captures the interaction of the cache layers in each server, the interplay between egress/disk capacity and network bandwidth, storage read/write constraints and storage prices.


Tags: content delivery networks, resource allocation, cdn, cloud, caching, video caching, content management

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