I Know What You Mean: Semantic Issues in Internet-scale Publish/Subscribe Systems

Ioana Burcea, Milenko Petrovic, and Hans-Arno Jacobsen.

In International Workshop on Semantic Web and Databases (SWDB) collocated with VLDB 2003, pages 51-62, Berlin, Germany, September 2003.


In recent years, the amount of information on the Internet has increased exponentially developing great interest in selective information dissemination systems. The publish/subscribe paradigm is particularly suited for designing systems for routing information and requests according to their content throughout wide-area network of brokers. Current publish/subscribe systems use limited syntax-based content routing but since publishers and subscribers are anonymous and decoupled in time, space and location, often over wide-area network boundary, they do not necessarily speak the same language. Consequently, adding semantics to current publish/subscribe systems is important. In this paper we identify and examine the issues in developing semantic-based content routing for publish/subscribe broker networks.


Tags: semantic pub/sub

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